Protect Your Profit Margins & Grow Your Business

Discover how subcontractors are winning better contracts, boosting profits, earning the respect of general contractors, and becoming the subcontractor that companies fight over for the best projects.


Discover The Secrets To Growing A Highly-Profitable Subcontracting Business

Are You:

  • Frustrated by losing bids to the same subcontractors over and over again, even when your price is lower?
  • Are the GC's delays becoming your problem due to threats of backcharges and liquidated damages?
  • Is the lack of project coordination putting stress on your crews and project profit?
  • Constantly struggling with additional scope added to your work, yet you feel like you have to do it for free?
  • Has the GC being slow to pay impacted your cash flow?

If your answer is “YES” to any of the above questions, then keep reading.

It’s not your fault. Most subcontractors struggle with the same things because you're expected to learn on the job how to deal with things like cash flow, employee turnover, building relationships, and planning for slow periods in your business.

But there's good news: if you’re here, it’s because YOU want to do things differently and set yourself apart from the thousands of mediocre subcontractors...

So how do you take the next step to become a preferred subcontractor?

If You Want To Be An In-Demand Subcontractor, Simply Excelling At Your Trade Is Not Enough

You and your team must be good at your trade if you expect to succeed in the construction industry.

But to build a well-respected and highly-profitable subcontracting business, doing good work is essential, but it’s not enough.

Mastering the business side of subcontracting–things like building a reputable brand, optimizing your finances, and managing your scope of work–will make the difference between early retirement or folding up your business and going back to working for someone else.

And doing those things well will set you apart from 95% of the other subs out there.

What Do General Contractors Really Want From You?

Did you ever notice that the same subcontractors seem to keep getting hired…even when they’re not always the lowest bidder?

When a sub gets hired again and again, it’s because they’ve earned the respect and understanding of the construction manager.

They’ve proven themselves to be reliable, efficient, and experts in their craft. Sure, they do good work, but they also take charge of their finances, communicate professionally, and manage their employees effectively.

A reliable subcontractor is the Construction Manager’s #1 asset on the job site. And if you prove to general contractors that you’re at the top of your game, you will never struggle from a lack of work.

Discover How To Become A Construction Manager's Preferred Subcontractor...

Truth: There are more construction jobs out there than there are good subcontractors to fill them.

If you prove yourself to be reliable, professional, and skilled, you’ll find your bids being accepted and great jobs lining up in front of you. Your change orders will get less resistance, you’ll build better relationships, and you’ll get recommended for top jobs.

But to get there, you’ve got to acquire the business and relationship-building skills that 95% of subcontractors never learned..

And now there’s an easy way for you to do that…

...To Win Better Contracts, Boost Your Profits, & Build A Business That You Truly Love!

Subcontractors are left to figure the "business stuff" out on their own. It takes most of them decades to learn it if they ever do.

But if you don’t want to wait 10+ years to boost your profits, build better relationships, and create a business you actually enjoy running, I have great news for you…

My team and I have built on my 40 years of experience in the construction industry to create a program that helps you create an expectation of excellence in your company right now. You will prepare your team for success and learn how to be a GC’s favorite subcontractor.

You don’t have to learn the hard way or struggle for decades to figure it out. You have the unique opportunity to soak a lifetime of knowledge and experience in just a few weeks…and share it with your entire management team.


John’s greatest asset is he has the ability to assemble great project teams and through positive relationships, (internal and external) gets all team members focused on common goals and the need for complete buy-in to the concept of “teamwork”.

John knows that a harmonious project will always turn out far better than a contentious one! Subcontractors and other construction professionals will greatly benefit from John’s teachings and experienced words of useful and applicable wisdom!”

-Joe Creighton

“Empowering Subcontractors provides a comprehensive roadmap to enable your company to achieve excellence in the construction industry.

Based upon the developer’s years of experience and knowledge, this training course provides subcontractors with the missing link to connect the critical relationships between the general contractor and subcontractor creating a win/win team approach to a successful long-term association.”

-Sheila R. Poling

“John understands the importance of teamwork to produce quality work for clients on time, within budget and to everyone’s satisfaction.

He has a terrific understanding of just how important it is that the GC/CM and their subcontractors have a strong and trusting relationship.”

-Geoff Overmeyer

AIA, President and CEO
“John will push you to perform at a very high level which in turn makes us more money and his projects are completed on time with top quality work.

John has years of experience in the construction industry and the business end as well.”

-Jimmy Manis


Hi, I’m John Farner

I’ve been in the construction business since the age of fourteen when I started working in my parents’ small subcontracting business.

Then I worked with construction crews while earning a BS in Civil Engineering At the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

And throughout my career as a construction manager, I have worked with outstanding professionals from Nashville, Knoxville, and all the way down to New Orleans...

But I’ve always felt it’s the subcontractors who are the true beating heart of the construction industry. And that's why I hate to see talented subs struggle to earn the respect and money they deserve on the construction site.

I've worked with hundreds of subs as a general contractor, and I've seen many of you struggle with challenges like managing cash flow, insurance bills, payroll taxes, equipment purchases...and setting cash aside for when that "sure thing" project suddenly falls through.

That's why I've created the first course designed to help subcontractors like you grow your business and your profits. So you can finally build a business that fulfills your financial and lifestyle dreams.

If you’re ready to arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to be a preferred subcontractor, this course could be the first step to the business you want.


Empowering Subcontractors

The first course designed for ambitious subcontractors shows you how to build systems, strategies, and relationships to take your subcontracting business to the next level.

Inside The Course, You’ll Learn:

  • What general contractors really want from you and how to build relationships that are worth millions.
  • Simple tips to make a winning first impression and position yourself as a pro from the moment your truck hits the job site.
  • Why safety is critical to your growth (and why you'll NEVER reach your goals if you don't take it seriously).
  • How to protect your profit on the backend by building accurate estimates based on historical data before you bid.
  • Strategies for getting paid on time, without haggling over details or incurring damages out of your control.
  • Expert strategies for managing change orders to minimize pushback and get paid for your hard work.
  • How to build living budgets and plans that help you see your profitability clearly and make smarter decisions for your business.
  • And much, MUCH, more...

The Empowering Subcontractors course contains 12 modules, over 60 video lessons, plus quizzes, exercises, and bonus resources.

Take a peek inside the course:


Values And Culture

Every company has a culture, whether intentionally or by mistake. If your culture is lacking, you need to take control... to create a winning environment that shows up in your work. We’ll take a candid look at your values and culture and show you how to build a great company culture from the top down.


Standout Branding

Branding isn’t all about logos and truck colors. In the construction industry, your people are your brand. So making a great... first impression is absolutely critical. How you show up and present yourself on the job site sets the tone for interactions with the GC/GM, so you’ve got to get this right!


Profitable Business Planning

No business can succeed without a plan. In this module, we’ll take a look at the 5 key elements... of a business plan and help you create a detailed roadmap for your future to help you stay on track and build confidence with lenders, insurance companies, and your own employees.


Building Better Estimates

Accurate estimates are the first step to making money on a job, yet too many subs equate... estimates with guessing. We’ll show you why everything is quantifiable (even weather!) and walk you through how to create more accurate estimates that set you up to make money on every job.


The Science of Cost

If you want to make a profit, you need to understand costs. We’ll dig into the difference between Project Costs and... Operating Costs to make sure you’re not overlooking expenses when pricing a job. And we’ll discuss how insurance, bonding, and safety impact your costs & profits.


All About Budgets

Starting a project without a budget is asking for financial disaster. In this module, I’ll show you how to set up... project budgets and an operations budget. And we’ll show you how to account for quantities and productivity to keep your projects on budget and deliver the profits you need!


Managing The Subcontract

Many subs end up taking on unnecessary risk (and work) by blindly signing unfavorable... contracts. Don’t make this mistake! I’ll show you how to ensure contracts clearly define your scope without contradictory clauses, redundancies, or confusion that could cut into your profits.


Understanding The Construction Manager

The construction manager can be your biggest ally or your worst enemy, but they’re critical... to the project either way. They set the schedule, coordinate various subs, and even play a key role in getting you paid! I’ll pull back the curtain on how a construction manager thinks to help you better manage your relationships.


Managing The Scope of Work

While it may be clear to you what you need to do on a job, if it’s not written down clearly, there’s... room for confusion. In this module, we’ll talk about how to communicate with construction managers to ensure expectations are clear and help your team stand out above the rest.


Winning At Change Orders

Change orders can make or break your profit on just about any job. When things don’t go... according to plan, you’ll need to take quick and direct action to ensure you get paid. I’ll walk you through what makes up a winning change order, so you can protect yourself…and your profits!


Boosting Your Profits

It’s not how much you make that matters, it’s how much you keep. In this module, we’ll talk about the difference between... revenue and profit, how to get paid a premium for the value you provide, and some proven strategies for keeping more money in your pocket.


Setting Yourself Apart

In this final module, we’ll cover a list of things you can do to make your company stand out. From training up your team... to game-changing technology and mentoring, your improvement never stops. We’ll talk about some high-leverage strategies for leveling up your business.


If You're Ready To Be A Preferred Subcontractor, Choose The Plan That Fits Your Team:

Empowering Subcontractors Masterclass


1 User

  • Weekly Office Hours with John Farner to Get Your Specific Questions Answered
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Immediate Access to All New Materials Added
  • Certificate of Completion

Additional Users are Half Price - 50% Off

Small Business:

3 Users

  • Weekly Office Hours with John Farner to Get Your Specific Questions Answered
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Immediate Access to All New Materials Added
  • Certificate of Completion
  • First User $5000 Additional Users $2500
SAVE $5000

Additional Users are Half Price - 50% Off

Medium Business:

5 Users

  • Weekly Office Hours with John Farner to Get Your Specific Questions Answered
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Immediate Access to All New Materials Added
  • Certificate of Completion
  • First User $5000 Additional Users $2500
SAVE $10,000

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